The Golden Rule vs. The Rule of Gold

So, which group are you in?

Those who follow the “Golden Rule”? OR those who follow the “Rule of Gold”? 

According to Michael Masterson in his excellent book, “Ready, Fire, Aim”… everyone fits into one of these two groups.  

Basically, those in the “Golden Rule” group are “Sharers” with an Abundance Mindset.

They believe wealth is something that can be expanded and shared. So, they give and share knowing there’s more than enough to go around. They also know if they give… it will return to them in one way or another. In other words, you reap what you sow.

Those is the “Rule of Gold” group are “Hoarders” with a Scarcity Mindset.  

They believe wealth is limited and thus must be tightly clutched and hoarded. So, when dealing with others, they scratch, claw and scheme to take and hoard as much as they can. 

Treat your clients, employees and partners as...

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Rising from the red-hot ashes of selling defeat

I remember the first time a prospect said “No”. 

I fought valiantly with my words.  Tried to win them over with fact and figures.  

Problem was…

I did most the gabbing.  

You’d thought I loved the sound of my own voice. Probably did.  

Wonder Wife tells me I have a very soothing voice.  It must be true cause I can’t count the number of times I put her to sleep during a late night chat  

Anywho hee ha…

Back to my brutal defeat.  

I picked myself up, scratched my head wondering what I did wrong.  After a few more knock-downs it started sinking in.  I wasn’t engaging the prospect.  I didn’t ask enough questions.  I was unfamiliar with a “battle-tested” approach that works like a lucky charm.

What’s that approach? 

Consultative selling my friend.  Consultative or “Question-Based” selling.  


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"Lead Generation Demons" vs. "Prospect Conversion Vampires"... which is Hurting You More?

Ever seen the movie Van Helsing?

If you know the story, you’re familiar with all about the monsters and demons he battles.

One day he’s facing off with a big hairy werewolf… and the next a winged demon with razor sharp claws and teeth.  For him it’s a way of life and he must be alert at all times if he’s to survive.

As a financial advisor or entrepreneur…

Two of the most vicious monsters we face are “Prospect Conversion Vampires” and “Lead Generation Demons”.

These are two of the most common monsters seeking to drink us dry and steal our soul… and we must be trained and ready to battle them with wooden stake and holy cross in hand.

Who are these ugly monsters?

Lead Generation Demons are sometimes small and many times large… but they’re always trying to sabotage your ability to generate new leads.

They come in many forms such as:

  • An unattractive lead magnet
  • A poor website
  • ...
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A Glimpse Into Your Perfectly Executed Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

You just launched a couple new marketing campaigns.

Every step of the process is mapped out.  You’re getting more qualified prospects than you can handle… and you’re loving it.

You think to yourself, “with these results… why’d I wait so long to start marketing my business? At this rate I could’ve surpassed $100mm in AUM years ago.”

This is an all too common response from advisors who are finally marketing their business the right way. They want to “kick themselves” for procrastinating and not acting sooner.

I know I’ve been here many times.

I was an expert at turning molehills into mountains, which kept me from taking action.

If this is where you are… you don’t need to continue doing this. You can decide it’s finally time to invest in marketing your business.

I’ll even help you get started on the right foot and to navigate the rough waters...

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What Would You Do Today If Results Were Guaranteed?

Intriguing question right?

As you’re probably aware… there’s a high correlation between confidence and taking action.

When you believe you can hit a home run — you’re much more likely to step up to the plate, swing with confidence… and likewise increase your chances of smashing the ball over the fence.

At this point… it’s perfectly fine if you want to picture a packed stadium of screaming fans all cheering and jumping up and down, because you just hit the game winner homer!


Come close for sec.

I have to tell you a little secret that may upset some baseball loving advisors…

I’m really not a big baseball fan.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun to play and all…but to kick back and watch on the tube? Well, for me at least… I think I’ll opt for another form of entertainment.


I think baseball is perfectly acceptable for metaphors...

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How Looking at Attractive Models Helps You Build a Better Financial Practice

I’m a firm believer of “Modeling”.

No, I don’t mean the modeling done for Sports Illustrated covers… (Or that I did a few times back when I was a young fit buck).

I’m talking about scanning for successful business and marketing examples to borrow from.

While working at RWA, we were always on the lookout for processes and systems we could model to improve.

Take a doctor’s office for example…

There were several client and practice management systems and processes we borrowed.   Systems and processes you may want to consider modeling yourself.

Does it take more work and discipline to find and adopt new business systems?

Sure, at first.  But after they’re in place and you’re used to operating by them… business is better and life is easier.  Plus, the more systemized your business becomes… the more you can automate and scale.

That’s why I’ve made strategic marketing automation...

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I can't believe you forgot

Let me ask you…

How many times have you wanted to do something, but
never end up doing it?

We all do this from time to time.

Like the other day…

I told Wonder Wife that I wanted to
do something.  I had my mind dead-set on doing it.

You already know where I’m heading.  I simply
forgot to do it.

Was it that I didn’t think it was important?


That’s the whole reason I brought it up in the first place.

So I asked Wonder Wife to hold me accountable.  To help
me follow-through.

This got me to thinking…

Advisors and entrepreneurs do this too.

We set out to add, improve and change
something in our business.  Then we
don’t follow-through.  We drop the ball.

It’s because we don’t have good
accountability in place.

That’s what thee ole’ new Marketer’s Club is for. To help each other
execute, improve and grow.

Having information is not enough.  We must act.

Go here now to jump on...

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How's Your Positioning?

Now…why should I choose you?

Don’t you just burst and bubble over with good vibes after hearing this?

You’ve arrived in front of a prospective client.  You KNOW you can get them results… and you’re piping hot and ready to deliver.   

You thought you’ve done your best to demonstrate you’re the advisor  who’s best suited to manage their assets.  You have a solid track record.   A proven ability to grow (and protect) client assets. 


You quickly realize… they’re kinda oblivious to all this.  They still see you as another advisor or salesman in a “sea of options”.  

Not good.

Can you salvage your weak positioning?  Sure.  But it’s going to take more work and “convincing” (Ahhh! such an ugly word!). 

When you have to start convincing a prospective client that they should choose...

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Do Unto Others Assets What You'd Have Them Do Unto Yours

Jesus was the man.

His teachings reach far beyond “religion” and “church stuff”.

I know mentioning Jesus isn’t “politically correct” and not
trying to get all “spiritual” on you, but…

I’ve actually had pretty interesting conversations with atheists who at least acknowledge that what Jesus taught and represented was good, positive and, in many respects, worth modeling for us human folk.

Maybe they wouldn’t agree with the eating of his flesh and singing hymns and all that.  

But… to be helpful, considerate and respectful to others…  Yeah, those are things I think we can all get onboard with.

You’ve probably heard of “The Golden Rule”.

This was Jesus’ teaching to: “Do unto others what you’d have them do unto you.”  Basically, treat people how you like to be treated.

I don’t know anyone who’d argue with this philosophy....

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Client Retention Tip From a Billion Dollar Asset Manager

A key to ultimate client retention and client satisfaction is to:

“Under-promise and over-deliver.”

I first learned this several years ago while working with my close friend Jason Wenk in his RIA (which in 2015 was voted the fastest growing RIA in the US by Inc. Magazine)

I believe if client retention is important to you… if you’re to excel in business… and if you’re to keep your customers and clients for the long-haul… you too will operate with this philosophy.

Think about it…

If every time you sold a product or service… or promised a certain level of client support…

Wouldn’t you tend to tickle your client’s happy place in their wealth accumulation lovin’ brain every time you get them results beyond expectations?


Wouldn’t this naturally motivate them to become zealous...

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