How's Your Positioning?

Now…why should I choose you?

Don’t you just burst and bubble over with good vibes after hearing this?

You’ve arrived in front of a prospective client.  You KNOW you can get them results… and you’re piping hot and ready to deliver.   

You thought you’ve done your best to demonstrate you’re the advisor  who’s best suited to manage their assets.  You have a solid track record.   A proven ability to grow (and protect) client assets. 


You quickly realize… they’re kinda oblivious to all this.  They still see you as another advisor or salesman in a “sea of options”.  

Not good.

Can you salvage your weak positioning?  Sure.  But it’s going to take more work and “convincing” (Ahhh! such an ugly word!). 

When you have to start convincing a prospective client that they should choose...

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Client Retention Tip From a Billion Dollar Asset Manager

A key to ultimate client retention and client satisfaction is to:

“Under-promise and over-deliver.”

I first learned this several years ago while working with my close friend Jason Wenk in his RIA (which in 2015 was voted the fastest growing RIA in the US by Inc. Magazine)

I believe if client retention is important to you… if you’re to excel in business… and if you’re to keep your customers and clients for the long-haul… you too will operate with this philosophy.

Think about it…

If every time you sold a product or service… or promised a certain level of client support…

Wouldn’t you tend to tickle your client’s happy place in their wealth accumulation lovin’ brain every time you get them results beyond expectations?


Wouldn’t this naturally motivate them to become zealous...

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7 Keys to Effectively Marketing Your Practice Online

Financial advisor marketing online has become an effective part of marketing your financial practice. The Internet has caused a revolution in the way financial advisor marketing is done in a financial practice.

Gone are the days when business was 90% kitchen table consultations and referrals were all word of mouth.  Every day, more and more people are going online in search of a trustworthy and knowledgeable financial advisor.

If you want to put your financial practice in front of these prospective clients, include a strategy for financial advisor marketing online .  Effective financial advisor marketing online involves building an online presence, making yourself easy to find, and offering the solutions that people need.

1) Use Your Financial Advisor Website to Nurture Client Relationships

The most important thing you need to consider for your website is how it helps you build an ongoing personal relationship with your clients.

Add features to...

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The Power of Your "Brand" as a Financial Advisor

I used to think ‘branding’ for financial advisor was a waste of time and money. Boy was I wrong.

At the most simple form, think of the images these well-known brands conjure in your mind:

  1. Walmart
  2. Microsoft
  3. BMW
  4. TJ Maxx
  5. Edward Jones
  6. Goldman Sachs

If you spend a few minutes on just this short list it’s pretty amazing what you’ll come up with. Further, what companies would you want your firm (or you if you are a captive rep) to be thought of in the same light. Take Walmart, for instance. Do you equate the image of Walmart in your business? You do if you’re competing on price alone and offering all the same things every other advisor can offer.

What about Goldman Sachs? Do you think your clients respect you the same way this Wall Street titan commands it? Edward Jones is an interesting anomaly in our business. To me, they’re basically the equivalent of the local hardware store – more expensive than Home Depot; but with a local appeal that the...

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