The Golden Rule vs. The Rule of Gold

So, which group are you in?

Those who follow the “Golden Rule”? OR those who follow the “Rule of Gold”? 

According to Michael Masterson in his excellent book, “Ready, Fire, Aim”… everyone fits into one of these two groups.  

Basically, those in the “Golden Rule” group are “Sharers” with an Abundance Mindset.

They believe wealth is something that can be expanded and shared. So, they give and share knowing there’s more than enough to go around. They also know if they give… it will return to them in one way or another. In other words, you reap what you sow.

Those is the “Rule of Gold” group are “Hoarders” with a Scarcity Mindset.  

They believe wealth is limited and thus must be tightly clutched and hoarded. So, when dealing with others, they scratch, claw and scheme to take and hoard as much as they can. 

Treat your clients, employees and partners as...

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How Coaching Creates Champion Advisors

What heights would Rocky have reached without Coach Mickey?

Sure Rocky was determined, but Mickey chiseled that raw determination into greatness.

He needed a Mickey in his corner to train, guide and push him to rise above the doubts and obstacles facing him. Not only the challengers who wanted to defeat him… but the self-doubt and psychological obstacles too.

I’m fired up at the chance to coach you and see you flourish into a prize-fighting advisor who zooms past $100mm in AUM.

At least this is my vision for every advisor who gets into Marketer’s Club.

What’s Marketer’s Club?

Marketer’s Club is my new pilot coaching membership… AND  your chance to work directly with me on your marketing campaigns.   You ALSO get access to a growing library of direct-mail and digital marketing resources.

Since it’s a new pilot service, and since I want to help as...

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A Glimpse Into Your Perfectly Executed Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

You just launched a couple new marketing campaigns.

Every step of the process is mapped out.  You’re getting more qualified prospects than you can handle… and you’re loving it.

You think to yourself, “with these results… why’d I wait so long to start marketing my business? At this rate I could’ve surpassed $100mm in AUM years ago.”

This is an all too common response from advisors who are finally marketing their business the right way. They want to “kick themselves” for procrastinating and not acting sooner.

I know I’ve been here many times.

I was an expert at turning molehills into mountains, which kept me from taking action.

If this is where you are… you don’t need to continue doing this. You can decide it’s finally time to invest in marketing your business.

I’ll even help you get started on the right foot and to navigate the rough waters...

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I can't believe you forgot

Let me ask you…

How many times have you wanted to do something, but
never end up doing it?

We all do this from time to time.

Like the other day…

I told Wonder Wife that I wanted to
do something.  I had my mind dead-set on doing it.

You already know where I’m heading.  I simply
forgot to do it.

Was it that I didn’t think it was important?


That’s the whole reason I brought it up in the first place.

So I asked Wonder Wife to hold me accountable.  To help
me follow-through.

This got me to thinking…

Advisors and entrepreneurs do this too.

We set out to add, improve and change
something in our business.  Then we
don’t follow-through.  We drop the ball.

It’s because we don’t have good
accountability in place.

That’s what thee ole’ new Marketer’s Club is for. To help each other
execute, improve and grow.

Having information is not enough.  We must act.

Go here now to jump on...

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Ethics & Financial Planning

advisor mindset Nov 12, 2018

As an investment advisor and financial planner it is very important to deliver good ethical advice to your clients. This means that if you know in your heart of hearts that whatever investment, product or strategy that you are recommending is truly the most advantageous for the one who is seeking the advice.

Now I understand that temptations arise that open up the opportunity for you to take advantage of others and gain quick and easy money, but you must resist this line of thinking. It will not result in good long-term success and your conscience will not be at ease, even if your heart has become calloused .

What I want to do is communicate to you how vitally important and beneficial it will be if you seek to adopt ethically sound principles and strategies into your mind and business. By setting up moral guidelines and rules for yourself in managing your life and practice you will find that much more success will come your way. This success...

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Do Unto Others Assets What You'd Have Them Do Unto Yours

Jesus was the man.

His teachings reach far beyond “religion” and “church stuff”.

I know mentioning Jesus isn’t “politically correct” and not
trying to get all “spiritual” on you, but…

I’ve actually had pretty interesting conversations with atheists who at least acknowledge that what Jesus taught and represented was good, positive and, in many respects, worth modeling for us human folk.

Maybe they wouldn’t agree with the eating of his flesh and singing hymns and all that.  

But… to be helpful, considerate and respectful to others…  Yeah, those are things I think we can all get onboard with.

You’ve probably heard of “The Golden Rule”.

This was Jesus’ teaching to: “Do unto others what you’d have them do unto you.”  Basically, treat people how you like to be treated.

I don’t know anyone who’d argue with this philosophy....

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Client Retention Tip From a Billion Dollar Asset Manager

A key to ultimate client retention and client satisfaction is to:

“Under-promise and over-deliver.”

I first learned this several years ago while working with my close friend Jason Wenk in his RIA (which in 2015 was voted the fastest growing RIA in the US by Inc. Magazine)

I believe if client retention is important to you… if you’re to excel in business… and if you’re to keep your customers and clients for the long-haul… you too will operate with this philosophy.

Think about it…

If every time you sold a product or service… or promised a certain level of client support…

Wouldn’t you tend to tickle your client’s happy place in their wealth accumulation lovin’ brain every time you get them results beyond expectations?


Wouldn’t this naturally motivate them to become zealous...

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The 4-Hour Workday... REALLY?


This may seem impossible.  

Yet, many high-achievers work only 3-4 hours per day. 

Peak performers like:

  • Stephen King (Do I really need to say?)
  • Eugene Schwartz (Top Copywriter of his era)
  • Gary Keller (Founder of the largest Real Estate company in US: Keller Williams Realty International)
  • and many others including top athletes, musicians and artists…

In fact, Gary Keller in his phenomenal book “The ONE Thing” recommends blocking off 4 hours a day to devote to your most important work.

How can you get away with working only 4 hours a day? 

The key is to make sure you’re intensely focused on your top priority task in these 4 hours.   During this time you’re only working on what matters most and what will have the greatest impact on your business.  

So this means NO Facebook (except for Facebook marketing), NO email (again… except for Email Marketing), NO reading non-essential stuff,...

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Project Earn What You’re Worth

advisor mindset Nov 12, 2018

If you want to earn a Million Dollars per year, you have to stop doing things that don’t pay as much as your highest paying activities. Let me walk you through what I’ve surmised is the ‘time-value per hour’ of a million dollar producer:

52 weeks/year
-8 weeks vacation
-1 week holiday (no matter what anyone tells you, my experiences are that no one does business the last week of the year)

43 working weeks each year
x 40 hours/week
1720 hours

/ 1720 hours
$581.40 per hour

The Most Important Key to Long Term Success:

Condition yourself to stop All Activities that can be done for LESS than $581 Per Hour
The only business activities we should be doing are:

  • Marketing
    • Working With Clients and Prospective Clients
    • Cashing Checks (sounds a bit blunt – but best not to send your employees to do this for you)

To determine what your time is worth in your practice, just plug into the following formula:
How much time does it take for you to get a new...

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Why Many Financial Advisors Are Poor, Complain About it, and Finally Quit

advisor mindset Nov 12, 2018

Pardon me for being harsh.

Fact is, I’ve met far more poor financial planners than rich, more bad financial advisors than good, and more crybabies than hard workers. If this hits you where it hurts, I’m not sorry – it’s for your own good.

As I see it, there’s something fundamentally wrong with the way many financial advisors think. Many have some false sense of entitlement; which costs them dearly. This isn’t just true of advisors – rather it’s a problem in all industry. My curse, is that I see it every day. Don’t get me wrong. I do have empathy for those less fortunate.


Being a financial advisor is not for the timid. It’s not for the lazy.
And for lack of a better way of saying it, it’s not for crybabies!

In today’s society it seems there's a prognosis for everything. A ‘magical’ drug that cures every ailment. What ever happened to the advice I learned as a child? I don’t know about...

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