What Would You Do Today If Results Were Guaranteed?

Intriguing question right?

As you’re probably aware… there’s a high correlation between confidence and taking action.

When you believe you can hit a home run — you’re much more likely to step up to the plate, swing with confidence… and likewise increase your chances of smashing the ball over the fence.

At this point… it’s perfectly fine if you want to picture a packed stadium of screaming fans all cheering and jumping up and down, because you just hit the game winner homer!


Come close for sec.

I have to tell you a little secret that may upset some baseball loving advisors…

I’m really not a big baseball fan.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun to play and all…but to kick back and watch on the tube? Well, for me at least… I think I’ll opt for another form of entertainment.


I think baseball is perfectly acceptable for metaphors and illustrating important points and whatnot.

Hence… my use of it hither here in thee example above.

So, back to the original question.

If you could boost the likelihood of nailing the results you seek, how would that change your approach?

What would that do for your attitude? Your confidence?

How long would it take you to act on ideas and strategies?

Obvious questions? Sorta. But still good to reflect on.

If you’re really interested in boosting your likelihood of hitting your goals… then you’ll be happy to hear that applications are now LIVE for the Marketer’s Club pilot launch!

Head on here to send in your application: 


Not every advisor will be accepted, but it’s still worth applying.

(I just may hook you up with a goodie either way).

Josh Ford

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