"Lead Generation Demons" vs. "Prospect Conversion Vampires"... which is Hurting You More?

Ever seen the movie Van Helsing?

If you know the story, you’re familiar with all about the monsters and demons he battles.

One day he’s facing off with a big hairy werewolf… and the next a winged demon with razor sharp claws and teeth.  For him it’s a way of life and he must be alert at all times if he’s to survive.

As a financial advisor or entrepreneur…

Two of the most vicious monsters we face are “Prospect Conversion Vampires” and “Lead Generation Demons”.

These are two of the most common monsters seeking to drink us dry and steal our soul… and we must be trained and ready to battle them with wooden stake and holy cross in hand.

Who are these ugly monsters?

Lead Generation Demons are sometimes small and many times large… but they’re always trying to sabotage your ability to generate new leads.

They come in many forms such as:

  • An unattractive lead magnet
  • A poor website
  • Not spending money on marketing
  • Poorly written sales copy
  • An unappealing offer
  • etc.

And Prospect Conversion Vampires are anything sucking the life out of your closing process… leading to low conversion.

There are several ways to slaughter these ugly monsters.

I’ll cover some of them in the next email.

So, which monster is harder for you to defeat… Lead Generation Demons or Prospect Conversion Vampires?

If ya feel up to it reply and let me know and/or go ahead and join me in Marketer’s Club Advanced Coaching Membership.  We can I.D. and slay these monsters together.

Head here to join:


See ya in the next installment…

Josh Ford

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