How's Your Positioning?

Now…why should I choose you?

Don’t you just burst and bubble over with good vibes after hearing this?

You’ve arrived in front of a prospective client.  You KNOW you can get them results… and you’re piping hot and ready to deliver.   

You thought you’ve done your best to demonstrate you’re the advisor  who’s best suited to manage their assets.  You have a solid track record.   A proven ability to grow (and protect) client assets. 


You quickly realize… they’re kinda oblivious to all this.  They still see you as another advisor or salesman in a “sea of options”.  

Not good.

Can you salvage your weak positioning?  Sure.  But it’s going to take more work and “convincing” (Ahhh! such an ugly word!). 

When you have to start convincing a prospective client that they should choose you, you’re already at a disadvantage.  You begin to come across as “needy”.   

This is a recipe for busting your booty with little chance of collecting the… well… booty (assets that is). 

Think of ways to set yourself apart.  

What makes you different?  What do you have that other advisor in your area don’t?

These are mucho importante’ for you to discover.

Hey… if you haven’t claimed your Pro Bono Marketing Consult Call with moi (me)… there are still a few spots left.   

Again, the call is YOURS.  No sales pitch.  No agenda.  

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Josh Ford

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