Ethics & Financial Planning

advisor mindset Nov 12, 2018

As an investment advisor and financial planner it is very important to deliver good ethical advice to your clients. This means that if you know in your heart of hearts that whatever investment, product or strategy that you are recommending is truly the most advantageous for the one who is seeking the advice.

Now I understand that temptations arise that open up the opportunity for you to take advantage of others and gain quick and easy money, but you must resist this line of thinking. It will not result in good long-term success and your conscience will not be at ease, even if your heart has become calloused .

What I want to do is communicate to you how vitally important and beneficial it will be if you seek to adopt ethically sound principles and strategies into your mind and business. By setting up moral guidelines and rules for yourself in managing your life and practice you will find that much more success will come your way. This success will be sustaining over the long haul and not just in quick, short bursts that are attained through a certain level of dishonest gain.

So, you see our faith keeps us in God’s Word consistently. This constant seeking after truth fills and shapes our minds with ethical principles and instructions to live by.  As we implement and obey these truths we find that they lead to peaceful, joyful and fulfilled living in all facets of life. If you will open your mind and heart to discovering this truth for yourself we are confident that you will experience the same.

Think about what is being said here and ask yourself which side you are or have been on.  Give this some time and I will return later on to continue.

May you be blessed as you pursue righteousness and integrity in your life and business!

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