Client Retention Tip From a Billion Dollar Asset Manager

A key to ultimate client retention and client satisfaction is to:

“Under-promise and over-deliver.”

I first learned this several years ago while working with my close friend Jason Wenk in his RIA (which in 2015 was voted the fastest growing RIA in the US by Inc. Magazine)

I believe if client retention is important to you… if you’re to excel in business… and if you’re to keep your customers and clients for the long-haul… you too will operate with this philosophy.

Think about it…

If every time you sold a product or service… or promised a certain level of client support…

Wouldn’t you tend to tickle your client’s happy place in their wealth accumulation lovin’ brain every time you get them results beyond expectations?


Wouldn’t this naturally motivate them to become zealous evangelists of your brand?


Don’t you think they’ll trust you more and stick by your side for as long as possible?

The answer is: “Oh yeah brother… You bet your affluent client-getting pants it would!”

Anywho… I plan to follow my own advice with my new pilot coaching program called “Marketer’s Club”

I’ll be opening the opportunity to apply soon.

In the meantime, jump on the waiting list here:

Marketer’s Club Waiting List

Josh Ford

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