7 Keys to Effectively Marketing Your Practice Online

Financial advisor marketing online has become an effective part of marketing your financial practice. The Internet has caused a revolution in the way financial advisor marketing is done in a financial practice.

Gone are the days when business was 90% kitchen table consultations and referrals were all word of mouth.  Every day, more and more people are going online in search of a trustworthy and knowledgeable financial advisor.

If you want to put your financial practice in front of these prospective clients, include a strategy for financial advisor marketing online .  Effective financial advisor marketing online involves building an online presence, making yourself easy to find, and offering the solutions that people need.

1) Use Your Financial Advisor Website to Nurture Client Relationships

The most important thing you need to consider for your website is how it helps you build an ongoing personal relationship with your clients.

Add features to...

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10 Reasons Financial Advisor Seminar Marketing Fails

Top producers from Boston to LA are growing their financial practice and getting rich because they know how to market their practice or RIA Firm with unique and effective financial advisor seminar marketing.

These financial advisors understand that seminar marketing can be the greatest tool for finding wealthy clients and dramatically building their business. And their bank accounts can prove it.

Unfortunately, some financial advisors haven’t learned the basic principles of seminar marketing and are disappointed with their results. Because they can’t identify the real problem, they blame imaginary outside forces they can’t control.

Instead of looking inward at what they can improve to become successful, it’s just easier and more comfortable for them to believe that the market is “saturated” or the room is just filled with “plate lickers” who are only there for free food.

The solution can be found in understanding what causes some...

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How Financial Advisors Can Consistently Close New Accounts

client meetings Nov 12, 2018

I know there’s a lot of folks out there that want to tell you how to grow your financial practice, so just give me a few undivided minutes of your attention and I’ll show you the simple 4-step process that has brought in over $150,000,000 of new client assets within a 5 year period for just one financial advisor who followed the financial advisor marketing strategies and processes found on this website.

Yes, you read that correctly, $150 Million within 5 years!

You see, unlike others on the net and in our industry magazines that just want to teach – these results are from an advisor who actually did it. And he did it all before his 26th birthday.

He collected monthly advisory fees of over $30,000 as well as quarterly advisor fees of nearly $40,000!

All told, his trailing 12 months of completely recurring fees was $518,992.28. Built completely from scratch – no wealthy relative, no inherited book of business.

Every single client was attracted using the...

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Financial Advisor Seminar Marketing is Smart Prospecting

Do you still run and market your financial practice through cold calling instead of doing successful financial advisor seminar marketing?

I know that you may feel like you are not the best speaker or maybe you feel like the cost to market a seminar is too much for your budget or maybe you just don’t have a successful seminar system that you can implement into your practice.

If any of these above reasons apply to you, let me say that there is always several solutions to every one problem.

If it’s because you are not confident in your ability to speak or to do presentations, then please do not let that keep your from adding seminar marketing to your practice.

I have literally seen financial advisors do seminars that stunk and they still got a good number of appointments following their seminar presentation.

When I heard some of these guys speak I thought, man if this guy can get some appointments and clients from his seminars, then anybody with any amount of ability...

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12 Key Questions that Must Be Answered in Order to Fill Your Seminar Room, Appointment Book and Ultimately Grow Your Financial Practice

seminar marketing Nov 12, 2018

There are many crucial aspects to marketing, managing and growing your financial practice.

You have to ask yourself a series of key questions to ensure that you have covered all of the bases.

Once you find proven and effective answers to these questions you will be well on your way to growing a Thriving Financial Practice!

Key Question #1: Who am I going to target to attend my seminar? ie. What type of clients do I want work with in my financial practice?

Key Question #2: How am I going reach these targeted prospects once I have determined who they are?

Key Question #3: What am I going to use to reach these prospects that will cause them to be interested in attending my seminar and eventually becoming clients?

Key Question #4: What type of follow up am I going to use when these prospects respond to my marketing pieces?

Key Question #5: What topics should I cover to get the seminar attendees to be interested in meeting with me for an appointment?

Key Question #6: What kind of...

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Seminar Invitation Tips For Financial Advisors

“The Change to My Seminar Invitations that Resulted in an Immediate 67% Increase in New Business!”

About a year ago I began to see a drop off in response from my seminar marketing efforts. This wasn’t a surprise, as I’d pretty much been using the same invitation for 5 years and had tons of success. Then out of the blue a split-test idea came in the mail.

While opening my personal mail at my home in Michigan I came across a huge envelope with a very important message on the outside of the envelope. I assumed it was important, opened it up…and BAM; a killer idea was spawned. I spent the next two weeks crafting a whole new seminar invitation that would literally change my business, my life and my personal wealth tremendously.

The harsh realization I came to was this:

“Wealthy Prospects Need a Reason to Respond to the Thousands of Solicitations They Get Daily; and Frankly my OLD Marketing Message Wasn’t Reaching Them.”

So the test was on.

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4 Scientific Success Factors for Raising $25 Million a Year in AUM Through Seminar Marketing

seminar marketing Nov 12, 2018

Rather then build up to some great, profound, life altering secret on seminar marketing – let me just tell you what it is:

It’s not a secret, it’s a science.

Truth is, so many mail houses, insurance marketing organizations and product wholesalers WANT, no NEED you to believe there’s something THEY know that you don’t. Something that will keep you feeding their children and buying them Porsche’s and winning them vacations.

You Don’t Need Them, They Need You.

Once you see the science behind winning seminars, these guys and gals that make a living off from your hard work and marketing dollars all seem to be full of the same hot air. Today may be a defining day in your career; so please pay attention.

There are FOUR primary areas of science involved with creating massive return on investment when doing seminars as a financial advisor:

  1. The Right Market
  2. The Right Marketing Message
  3. The Right Market to Message to Service Match
  4. The Right Support


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The Power of Your "Brand" as a Financial Advisor

I used to think ‘branding’ for financial advisor was a waste of time and money. Boy was I wrong.

At the most simple form, think of the images these well-known brands conjure in your mind:

  1. Walmart
  2. Microsoft
  3. BMW
  4. TJ Maxx
  5. Edward Jones
  6. Goldman Sachs

If you spend a few minutes on just this short list it’s pretty amazing what you’ll come up with. Further, what companies would you want your firm (or you if you are a captive rep) to be thought of in the same light. Take Walmart, for instance. Do you equate the image of Walmart in your business? You do if you’re competing on price alone and offering all the same things every other advisor can offer.

What about Goldman Sachs? Do you think your clients respect you the same way this Wall Street titan commands it? Edward Jones is an interesting anomaly in our business. To me, they’re basically the equivalent of the local hardware store – more expensive than Home Depot; but with a local appeal that the...

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Project Earn What You’re Worth

advisor mindset Nov 12, 2018

If you want to earn a Million Dollars per year, you have to stop doing things that don’t pay as much as your highest paying activities. Let me walk you through what I’ve surmised is the ‘time-value per hour’ of a million dollar producer:

52 weeks/year
-8 weeks vacation
-1 week holiday (no matter what anyone tells you, my experiences are that no one does business the last week of the year)

43 working weeks each year
x 40 hours/week
1720 hours

/ 1720 hours
$581.40 per hour

The Most Important Key to Long Term Success:

Condition yourself to stop All Activities that can be done for LESS than $581 Per Hour
The only business activities we should be doing are:

  • Marketing
    • Working With Clients and Prospective Clients
    • Cashing Checks (sounds a bit blunt – but best not to send your employees to do this for you)

To determine what your time is worth in your practice, just plug into the following formula:
How much time does it take for you to get a new...

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Why Many Financial Advisors Are Poor, Complain About it, and Finally Quit

advisor mindset Nov 12, 2018

Pardon me for being harsh.

Fact is, I’ve met far more poor financial planners than rich, more bad financial advisors than good, and more crybabies than hard workers. If this hits you where it hurts, I’m not sorry – it’s for your own good.

As I see it, there’s something fundamentally wrong with the way many financial advisors think. Many have some false sense of entitlement; which costs them dearly. This isn’t just true of advisors – rather it’s a problem in all industry. My curse, is that I see it every day. Don’t get me wrong. I do have empathy for those less fortunate.


Being a financial advisor is not for the timid. It’s not for the lazy.
And for lack of a better way of saying it, it’s not for crybabies!

In today’s society it seems there's a prognosis for everything. A ‘magical’ drug that cures every ailment. What ever happened to the advice I learned as a child? I don’t know about...

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