Josh Ford

Affluent Marketing Strategist, Coach & Copywriter

I launched AMS in 2005 with help from friend and financial-industry titan Jason Wenk (Founder of FormulaFolio Investments and Retirement Wealth Advisors).   

While working at RWA we raised over $100 million in AUM from marketing campaigns we worked on together.  I assisted with:

  • digital marketing campaigns
  • seminar marketing campaigns
  • direct-mail campaigns
  • copywriting projects
  • client follow-up processes
  • appointment setting
  • client support
  • client account reporting
  • client file management
  • product development
  • filming & editing
  • web development
  • media productions
  • and more… 

These marketing strategies have helped advisors raise over $2 billion in AUM… and played a role in helping FormulaFolio Investments become the fastest growing RIA in the US

I now use my marketing experience, knowledge and skills to coach other advisors in attracting new leads, appointments and clients through seminar, direct-mail and digital marketing strategies. 


Please be prepared to send me as much information prior to our meeting, so that we can get the most out of every minute.

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